“It was the best of times…it was the worst of times.”


While Mr. Dickens did not have Covid-19 in mind when he penned these apocryphal words, they certainly are apt today! I am proud of our CN 30thanniversary season, even if we were only able to present ¾ of our planned programming. We surprised and moved many with our Canadian premiere of Sir Michael Tippett’s deeply touching oratorio A Child of Our Time, we celebrated the festive season with our ever-popular Welcome Christmas and we stirred the spirit and conscience of everyone who attended Touch The Earth Lightly and heard our heartrending commission Who We Are, by Niagara composer Glen Rhodes. Unfortunately, the frivolity of G&S Topsy Turvy was pandemically scuppered, but I have no doubt the duo’s witty barbs and charms will survive. As will Chorus Niagara!


While we grapple with the plethora of Covid-19 prognosticators, struggle with all the ‘what-ifs’ and hypotheticals, one fact is clear- choral singing IS ‘the first art’ and it will continue beyond all the zooming and virtual videos. Choral music is, as the great American choral maestro Robert Shaw said, “one of the very few things we can do in life, in communion, in unity…in community…with other human beings that does not diminish the human being…but rather enobles the human being!” We are first and foremost an ‘in person’ activity and collaborative experience. We are about people coming together. Science tells us that when sitting in the concert hall hearts beat in time with the singers. This synchronicity is linked to empathy, trust, and friendship that can only happen when we celebrate our humanity ‘together’! 


There are yet more wonderful choral works of joy and transcendency to be sung, heard, experienced and appreciated and Chorus Niagara, and I, look forward to sharing this transformative and entertaining journey with you. Chorus Niagara will survive this hiatus because we know, in time we WILL need a place for us ALL to re-gather in harmony and rejoice in this millenary ‘first art’. 


My sincere thanks to all our patrons and choral friends for your continuing and valued support and generosity.  


We’ll be back!