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Our annual five-hour marathon of song to raise vital funds for your Chorus Niagara! The voices of Chorus Niagara perform popular works from their repertoire (think Elton John, Les Miserable Medleys, Loch Lomand, Nella Fantasia and many more!) with guest conductors from the community. Chorus Niagara Children's Choir performs for 30 minutes at noon. Funds are raised through pledges gathered by our performing members.
Admission is free to the public. Singathon 2024 is taking place on Saturday April 20, 2024 from 10 - 3pm at Seaway Mall in Welland, ON. 


It is important for community outreach. It allows us to showcase what we do at no cost to those who come and show people how magical the act of singing together can be. It's accessible financially and musically for all. Singathon isn't just a fundraiser — it's a celebration of community, connection, and creativity.


Like all charitable organizations, CN relies on revenue to keep us operating. Singathon has traditionally raised approximately $30,000. We are not Heart and Stroke or Canadian Diabetes, which often makes it hard to understand 'why' an arts organization is a charity. Unlike big organizations, the impact of one's donation can be seen immediately. All funds raised are re-invest back into the Niagara community through performances of quality and to the future of singing (CNCC, RCCS, etc). 

A donation to Singathon is an investment in...

Igniting Cultural Vibrancy: Donations fuel one of the main arteries of Niagara's cultural scene - CN! Through our concerts and community outreach (Carol Share, Singathon etc) we provide a vital service to the community. 

Embracing Inclusivity: Choir is a sanctuary where every voice - young and old - is celebrated and every individual feels valued and free to express themselves authentically. 

Empowering Young Voices: By supporting Singathon, donors are sowing seeds of opportunity for young singers and providing a platform for them to thrive and learn. 

Nurturing Mental Wellness: Music has the power to heal, uplift, and unite. Donations enable us to harness the therapeutic potential of fostering mental well-being and resilience in our choral and broader communities.

Support us and donate safely and conveniently through Canada Helps.
SINGATHON 2021 took place virtually due to Covid-19 restrictions. Enjoy the performance below!


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