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Side-by-Side High School Chorale

Are you a high school student with a passion for music? Gather your singing friends and come join the Chorus Niagara community – no fees, just fun!


Chorus Niagara's Side-by-Side High School Chorale program provides high school students with an interest in singing the opportunity to rehearse and perform with Chorus Niagara for one concert during our regular season. As a Side-by-Side High School Chorale singer, you will embark on an unforgettable journey, hone your talents and broaden your musical horizons alongside experienced Chorus Niagara members. 

Connor King Singathon 2023- (1).jpg

Former SXS Singer Connor King


Former SXS Singers

Julianna Collevecchio & Carlo Rescigno


A current Niagara high school student who is a dedicated singer and choir member looking to explore their artistic potential and hone their vocal and choral skills.


These students should:

  • Have an understanding of basic rudiments required to actively participate in a choir (ie. read music, follow the contours of a melody line, basic rhythm)

  • be willing to work on music independently as needed, and 

  • be able to commit to all rehearsals prior to the performance.



  • Perform in Partridge Hall at the FirstOntario PAC in St. Catharines

  • Develop your vocal ability and musical skill through new and challenging repertoire  

  • Meet like-minded peers from other Niagara high schools

  • Be welcomed into a warm and supportive learning environment



Attendance at Monday night rehearsals from 7:00-10:00 pm in St. Catharines plus any additional rehearsals and dress rehearsals as outlined on the given schedule.


*Please note: all students will receive a full schedule outlining all rehearsals and performances at their first rehearsal with Chorus Niagara* 

If you are interested in participating in this program please fill out an application form or contact us directly!



Former SXS Singer,

Erica D'Amore

Former SXS Co-ordinator,

Pat McKenzie

Associate Conductor,

Billy Sadler


'CN was an incredibly tangible experience for me in terms of getting a taste of what the professional music world feels like. With long, dedicated rehearsals, it became quickly obvious that nothing in this life comes without work put in. When your musical example is belonging to a group of 100 plus people who are not always making it their career, but still showing up and taking it super seriously, you soon realize anything is possible. What an incredibly supportive group who constantly encouraged me to chase my music dreams and that's exactly what I am doing today!' 


'Chorus Niagara really provided a warm and welcoming environment that was both supportive and challenging, I always looked forward to Monday night rehearsals. Robert Cooper is an amazing conductor and educator who knew how to have fun while also working on the music. We were always set up so well to have an enjoyable and rewarding final concert experience with the choir and it was such a different experience to sing while having an orchestra accompanying us, that was something I had never experienced before. Since participating with the Side-by-Side High School Chorale, I studied Voice at Western University and graduated with a Bachelor of Musical Arts in 2018. I now sing with Chorus Niagara as a Robert Cooper Choral Scholar.'


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